This is Project Bauer
Your personal and professional organizer of memorable events.

Personal strengths
Highly effective, creative and goal oriented.

Areas of expertise
Planning, developing and execution of personal customized events.

A professional background with 16+ years of work experience from small to big scale companies (Paradox Interactive, Artipelag, AIG, Atlantic Film, IBM, Ericsson).

Create and coordinate event concepts, while overseeing budgets, timelines, content, partnerships, sponsor packages, schedules, websites, social media activities, contests, graphic profiles, venues and logistics.
Both in Sweden and abroad (e.g. USA, Germany, Iceland, UK).

Additional work experinece within Product Management, Marketing Coordination, Finance, Business Development, Merchandise, Tradeshows Logistics and Project Management.

Languages and studies
Fluently speaking/writing swedish, german and english.

Studies in Project Management, Marketing and Economics, Science of Law, Business Administration, Graphic Design, Illustration and History of Art.